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Rock the Boat


Some of them are unique. But only one can boast of having its riders start the race from the deck of a floating behemoth.

Those of you who already attended one of the previous 4 Islands know what a crazy experience it is. The rest of you will just have to trust our word and use a bit of imagination.



There you are, in your starting block, all dressed up in your fancy new 4Islands souvenir jersey


One finger on your front brake and your shoe cleated in, you can feel the ship slowly sway underneath as banter from hundreds of racers dressed in a kaleidoscopic jubilee of team jerseys bounces in the ship’s metal bowels. The race official is trying to out-yell the MC who keeps playing loud rock music while a flock of seagulls screams overhead, adding to the cacophony.

The air smells faintly of a combination of diesel, salt, lavender, sweat and sage.


Everyone’s getting ready as the music dies down and the race official, red in the face from yelling, finally ushers the last stragglers into starting blocks while the MC counts down to go-time. Finally, the ship’s siren wails like a banshee just feet above your head and in one frantic sprint, you fight to get traction between your tires and the ship’s metal deck.


“What the hell just happened?!”


The bike caravan heaves, the boat sways in response with one final push, you finally pass the start line and make landfall.  The sunrise bursts into your eyes as you look ahead and see the first uphill of the stage and wonder: 

And this is only 10 seconds into the race.