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Know the Rules

It is important that every Absa Cape Epic rider fully understands the rules.

We encourage all riders to carefully read through these before starting their training, refer back to them during training and have a last read-through before rolling up to the start line.

Ignorance of the rules will not be considered as a mitigating factor.

Top 10 Rules for Amateur Riders

1. You will need to present your ID or passport as well as your CSA (Cycling South Africa) or national federation license at registration. If you do not have one, a temporary license can be purchased at registration.  The medical form refers to the online medical questionnaire you need to complete through your rider profile as part of your compulsory actions. (Rule 3.1.2)

2. Ensure you are registered in the correct category - you cannot change your category after race start. (Rule 3.3)

3. Riders must ride within 2 minutes of their team partner at all times. (Rule 8)

4. Each day has staggered start times and riders are seeded according to their overall position in the field. (Rule 11)

5. No rider may trespass on land that is not open to the public for mountain biking. (Rule 12.5)

6. Maximum stage times and cut-off points during the stage are strictly enforced. (Rule 15)

7. If you do not finish a stage, you may continue riding the next day, but will not be considered an official finisher. If you do not finish a second stage, you may not continue riding. (Rule 16)

8. If your partner did not finish a stage but you did, you still qualify as a finisher. (Rule 16)

9. Your supporters may not assist you out on the course. (Rule 23)

10. Notify the race office if you withdraw from the race. (Rules 24)

Zero Tolerance Policy

The Absa Cape Epic conforms to the World Anti-Doping Code as laid out by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and works with the UCI and the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) to ensure the Code is properly implemented at the race and amongst cyclists in South Africa. Stringent and comprehensive anti-doping control is conducted at the race by the UCI and SAIDS.

Any person who is under provisional or final sanction by an Anti-Doping Organisation with jurisdiction under the WADA Code (a “person under sanction”) is prohibited from participating or being involved in the race, whether as a rider, team manager or official or in any other capacity whatsoever. 

As is stipulated in the race rules, the organisers reserve the right to test all participants and therefore, per the WADA Code, the onus is on the athlete to check that any substances or methods used do not appear on WADA's current List of Prohibited Substances and Methods.