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All the hard work and training has been done, and all you need to worry about is registering and getting to the start line. Registration day is your introduction to the Absa Cape Epic, where you will receive all of the necessary items to take part in the race.

Date: Saturday, 19 March October 2022
Venue: Lourensford Wine Estate
Time: 09:00 - 14:00

Make sure you adhere to your pre-selected registration time slot as selected by the primary rider in your rider profile.


  • to bring along a valid (negative) PCR test result, no older than 72 hours OR a valid (negative) Antigen test, no older than 48 hours, regardless of your vaccination status.
  • to submit the daily Covid-19 screening and symptom check and adhere to the daily temperature check upon access to the registration venue.
  • you and your partner must register as a team and have photo identification (ID, passport or drivers license) with you in order to receive your registration envelope. Please come prepared with your rider number ready.
  • it is a collective responsibility to protect the event bubble and to follow all preventative measures to reduce your exposure. Protect yourself and protect others. 

Please note that the rider tent village will only be operational from Sunday, i.e. Prologue day onward.


Here riders will receive their race packs containing all items required for the race, including rider bags with premium items inside. They will also have the opportunity to interact with various sponsors and suppliers prior to the race and purchase any last-minute items.

Val de Vie Bag Check-in
We will transport any additional bags and/or bike boxes straight to the Grand Finale. The Val de Vie bag check-in can be found next to registration. Please note: You will not have access to these bags until the last day of the race.

Practice the Prologue Course
The Prologue course is based at the Lourensford Wine Estate which is privately owned land. As an Absa Cape Epic participant, you may practice the course on Registration day.

Picture of registration tables
Start Finish Activity
08:00 13:00 Media Centre
09:00 14:00 Absa Cape Epic Merchandise Store
09:00 14:00 Rider Registration, Bike Wash & Bike Park
09:00 14:00 Val de Vie Bag Truck Check-in
09:00 14:00 Savanna Chill Zone
12:00 14:00 Pre-accommodation shuttles back to the hotel

*Please note: these times are subject to change.


Date: Sunday, 20 March 2022
Venue: Lourensford Wine Estate
Time: 06:00 - 13:00

We understand that the Prologue is a big day and sometimes the magnitude of the occasion can cause added stress levels – that’s why we’ve packaged a few key points to help all teams get through the day as smoothly as possible.

When you register the day before (Saturday), ensure that you orientate yourself and know where to go to line up for your Prologue start time on Sunday morning.

Arrive with sufficient time to get from your vehicle to the start area and expect there to be traffic, as Lourensford Wine Estate has a single entrance and exit point into the venue.

Arrive at the Prologue line up area 15 minutes prior to your Prologue Start time.

There is a Woolworths Chute Bag drop at the start, just before you get onto the start ramp. Take your day bag with you and drop it on your way past as you line up to roll off the start ramp. Collect it upon your return as you exit through the Woolworth recovery zone. Ensure your bag has your rider number clearly marked on it.

Riders staying in the tented village may secure their rider tent by attaching their tent tag upon arrival. The rider tent tag can be found in your registration envelope.


Start Times

It is crucial that you and your partner check-in at the designated call up area 15min before your allocated time. If a team misses their start time, they will have to start at the back of the field.

Bike Wash and Bike Park

As you cross the finish line, you may hand your bike to the bike wash and bike park assistants who will wash and store your bike for you in the Bike Park.

You are the only person who can check-out your bike for the duration of the event. Your rider numbered wristband will give you access to the Bike Park – your mechanic will not have access to the bike park unless specific arrangements have been made prior to the start of the race. Please email should you wish to make arrangements for your bike mechanic to collect your bike on your behalf during the event. Please remember to not leave bike computers and other valuable items on your bike after crossing the finish line.

Race Village 1 - Lourensford
The Lourensford race village will be fully operational from Prologue day. Please note that riders may not sleep in the rider tents before Prologue day, however, you may attach your tent tag in advance to secure your tent.

Athletes on bikes ready to begin
Start Finish Activity
06:30 19:00 Race Office opening hours
06:30 14:00 Absa Cape Epic Merchandise Store
06:40 First team start
09:00 14:00 Bike Wash & Bike Park
09:00 Savanna Chill Zone
UCI Women Racing
UCI Men Racing
12:00 Podium Awards Presentation

*Please note: these times are subject to change.

Grand Finale

Athletes carrying their bikes across the finish line
An athlete smiling after crossing the finish line

The Grand Finale

Date: Sunday, 27 March 2022
Venue: Val De Vie, Paarl
Time: 09:00 - 17:00

The Grand Finale represents the culmination of an epic journey through the Untamed. To celebrate this amazing feat of perseverance and courage, each rider will receive a Woolworths picnic hamper, a finisher shirt and a finisher medal.

Once you are an official finisher…

  • Your transponder will be removed, and your tracking unit returned on the finish line. You will be handed a R1000 gift card for each item which can be used in the Absa Cape Epic Merchandise Store or at any ATM within South Africa. 
  • Your bike will be taken from you and placed in the bike park.
  • You will then walk through the chute (without your bike) and move towards the stage and receive your finisher medal.
  • After you have received your finisher medal there is a photo opportunity with Sportograf, which will be available for purchase on
  • Once you leave the stage you will be guided to the finisher tent where you will receive your finisher t-shirt and sticker.
  • If you are an existing or a new Amabubesi member, look out for the dedicated Amabubesi area in the finishers’ tent.
  • Your Woolworths picnic hamper can be collected from the Woolworths tent opposite the finishers’ tent.

Getting back to Cape Town
If you’ve purchased a post-accommodation package remember to collect your luggage and bike bag from the Val de Vie bag collection. All bags must be checked-in at the coach transfer area before boarding and heading back to the Cape Town.

Pre and Post-Accommodation Package Riders

Pre-Accommodation package riders will have the option to book their Val de Vie baggage in at their hotel on Saturday, 19 March between 16:00 and 18:00 in front of the hotel.

Riders that have booked both pre and post-accommodation packages have the option to store their additional luggage at the official race hotel during the course of the event. Please note: No bikes will be transported unless they are packed in a bike bag or box. 

Start Finish Activity
08:00 17:00 Absa Cape Epic Merchandise Store
09:00 17:00 Savanna Chill Zone trading hours
09:00 17:00 Race Office opening hours
09:00 17:00 Shower operating hours
10:00 17:00 SCICON Rider Bag collection
10:00 16:00 Grand Finale bag check-out
11:00 Men's category winners expected to finish
11:35 Women's category winners expected to finish
12:45 Grand Finale Awards Presentation
14:00 17:00 Coaches depart for Tsogo Sun, The Cullinan Hotel
15:35 Last team expected to finish
17:00 Venue closes

*Please note: these times are subject to change.