Keep your FOCUS & find your flow

Mountain bikers at the Swiss Epic are set to enjoy Graubünden’s world-class trail offering during the 2021 Swiss Epic as they race from St. Moritz to Valposchiavo, and on to Davos, covering 327 kilometres, climbing 11 000 metres, and descending 12 000 metres, including five brand new FOCUSWATER Flow Sections.

Throughout the race’s five stages, all teams will be required to scale mountain passes and descend breath-taking trails that demand focus and flow from start to finish. The Swiss Epic route team, in partnership with FOCUSWATER, have identified and marked a section of flowing, thrilling, and rewarding riding per stage and named these the FOCUSWATER Flow Sections.

To showcase the FOCUSWATER Flow Sections, we sent Andrin Beeli (Scott MTB Development Team), Fadri Barandun and Severin Disch out to ride them. Here’s a look at each section and what you can expect!


Stage 1’s FOCUSWATER Flow Section is The Olympia Flow Trail, also known as the Corviglia Flow Trail. The section begins below the Corviglia mountain station and races along for 3.4 kilometres before dropping into the Olympic ski slope of 1948. We’d encourage you to look up and enjoy the scenery but the trail is fast and flowing, packed with more turns than you could count and is sure to deliver excitement from start to finish.


Stage 2’s FOCUSWATER Flow Section is the Bernina Express. This is the only uphill FOCUS Water Flow Section of the 2021 Swiss Epic, but that doesn’t mean it is any less exciting than the descents! The Bernina Express traces its way along the Ova da Bernina and provides a series of exciting twists and turns through a dense forest; be sure not to take any sneaky shortcuts!


The Fairy Tale Forest Flow is Stage 3’s FOCUSWATER Flow Section. After a fast drop into the forest singletrack, teams will need to match their need for speed to their bike handling skills as several tight switchbacks can quickly catch any gung-ho riders out! With 154m of descending crammed into the 2.2km section, it’s going to fast and fun!


Stage 4’s FOCUSWATER Flow Section is the Selfranga Flow – a trail that meanders its way across the valley and offers riders the chance to pump through corners at speed and enjoy the incredible views over Klosters. Be warned, there is a good chance that there will be cows here, and we don’t want any beef with the locals!


The final FOCUSWATER Flow Section is a 2.3km trail that delivers teams into Zügen Gorge via a forested trail that quickly changes into a trail characterized by rocks. While it can be ridden at high speeds throughout, we’d recommend not expending too much energy here and rather focus on your flow as there’s still work to be done to claim your Swiss Epic Finisher medal and to conquer the Alps!