New Alpine Inspired Trophies for the Swiss Epic

For 2020, the Swiss Epic’s overall and category winners will be rewarded with new trophies. Designed and built by Remo Brülhart, who is based in Davos, the trophies are constructed from locally sourced Swiss Stone Pine and Larch wood. Crafted into an alpine-inspired design, the trophies represent a celebration of all things Graubünden, tying together the race, landscape and local artisans in a symbolic emblem.

Swiss Stone Pine and Larch trees are the perfect materials for the new trophies. The Stone Pines are alpine trees which only grown between 1 200 metres and 2 300 metres above sea level. This means that the majority of the Swiss Epic’s route takes place within Stone Pine habitat. Larch, meanwhile, is a more widespread cold-climate tree; these trees play a major role in the scrubbing of CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere. This is due to their vast northern hemisphere range and the fact that Larch are the dominant plants in the boreal forests.

The trophies’ raw wood finish, which displays the tree’s growth rings, lends a unique natural design to each trophy. Showcasing years of plenty and years of austerity, by the width of each ring, is particularly poignant in the context of 2020.

The trophies are not just visually appealing, however, though their classic clean lines will surely ensure that they will demand pride of place in the winner’s trophy cabinet or on their mantlepiece. The raw conifer smell provides the trophies with an additional subtle charm. Memories are often evoked by aromas and the smell of the Swiss Epic trophy is sure to bring a fond smile to the victors’ faces for years to come, reminding them of time well-spent in Graubünden.

In addition to the trophies for the final overall and category podium finishers, there will be several special medals awarded during the finisher’s function. Hosted on the finish line in Davos, special medals will be bestowed for non-racing achievements. Some of the riders to be honoured there include the oldest and youngest finishers, along with the best-dressed team. These riders will be rewarded with a unique, alpine-inspired medal to celebrate their achievements.