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Bulls bike partner Stefan Sahm the cameraman [Swiss Epic]

BULLS E-Bikes charged and ready to capture Alpine action at 2020 Swiss Epic

By Epic Series, 08/18/20, 6:30PM HST


At the 2020 Swiss Epic, BULLS Bikes will act as the official media bike partner

Bulls bike partner Stefan Sahm the cameraman

At the 2020 Swiss Epic, BULLS Bikes will act as the official media bike partner. Stefan Sahm will pilot BULLS Bikes’ latest e-bike as cameraman and will follow the riders as they traverse the Alpine trails of Graubünden.

It has been proven, on numerous occasions, at the Absa Cape Epic, and various other prestigious races around the world, that footage captured in the heart of the bunch is always exciting and well received by fans as it displays the raw nature of mountain biking racing. Add in the breathtaking nature of the Graubünden Canton in Switzerland and you’ve got footage that is nothing short of spectacular to watch, especially when paired with magical aerial shots that showcase the region’s beauty.

For the 2020 edition of the Swiss Epic, BULLS Bikes has come on board as official e-bike sponsor and media bike partner.

Stefan Sahm, ex-professional mountain biker, and Leon Kaiser will be armed with BULLS e-bikes and will be filming the action as it unfolds on Graubünden’s trails. The captured footage will be compiled into daily edits of the racing that can be viewed on the Swiss Epic and Epic Series websites and social media channels within a few hours of the end of the day’s stage.

“I am excited to be back on my e-bike to follow some of the world’s best riders as they race through the Swiss Epic trails; the footage we capture is always amazing as it gives viewers the chance to see how skilled and fast the pros really are” enthused Stefan Sahm, 3-time Absa Cape Epic winner and BULLS Bikes QC and Supply Chain Manager ZEG.

“The 2020 Swiss Epic has attracted a large number of the world’s greatest mountain bikers and we are excited to see the fighting words that have come through in the pre-event interviews” said Corina Feuerstein, Race Director of the Swiss Epic. “With little to no racing having taken place in the first half of the year, many pros are eager to test their form against their rivals and the Swiss Epic will provide the perfect platform for this. Having dedicated e-bikes following and capturing the racing action will allow viewers to get a real understanding and appreciation for the beauty of Graubünden and the skill of the riders tackling the trails here.”

In addition to showcasing the Alpine action of the Swiss Epic, BULLS Bikes will also provide 20 e-bike for the event’s staff to use during the duration of the race. These bikes will allow for staff to quickly move between locations that are often inaccessible by car, capture racing footage and updates, and will allow the route team to ensure the route is free from any dangerous obstacles and obstructions before the riders reach them.

Sarah Harrop, Head of Marketing and Communications for the Epic Series added, “To capture in-action racing from the BULLS e-Bikes will give fans an immersive experience and offer a realistic feel what it is like to ride the revered Graubünden trails. We are passionate about our relationship with BULLS Bikes which is based on a shared value of innovation and the mission of creating new ways of capturing and showcasing mountain bike stage races.”

The Swiss Epic kicked off today, 18 August, in Laax, Switzerland and riders will need to overcome 320km of Alpine trails and 12 250m of climbing as they make their way from Laax, to Arosa, and finally to Davos. You can view the incredible footage captured by the BULLS Bikes team on a daily basis on the Swiss Epic and Epic Series websites and social media channels.