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The gorgeous hills of Graubünden [Swiss Epic]

The Alps calling for a rematch

By Epic Series, 09/02/20, 6:30PM HST


This year more than ever, it was truly a privilege to enjoy the gorgeous trails, iconic vistas, and unbeatable spirit of the Swiss Epic.

The gorgeous hills of Graubünden

This year more than ever, it was truly a privilege to enjoy the gorgeous trails, iconic vistas, and unbeatable spirit of the Swiss Epic. Just over two weeks have passed since an amazing week in Graubünden and we can’t wait to do it again in 2021.

In 2021, Graubünden will once again be showing off in all its splendid glory, but there are a few more reasons to get the chain waxed for next year’s edition from 17-21 August. While Nino Schurter, Lars Forster, Annika Langvad, Haley Batten, and 218 more teams tamed the Alps in 2020, the latter calling for a rematch. With them, they field a team that knows the trails in graubünden better than anyone else. Unsurprisingly, the team is called “the ibexes”, and it isn’t Graubünden’s emblematic animal by chance. Records showing that Gian and Giachen aren’t impressed yet and more than ready to tackle 350km and 12’000m of climbing on 5 days.

The stage is set and it’ll be up to you to prove that the ibex isn’t the only king of mountains. Some brave riders showed off their skills this year, but as no two years at the Swiss Epic are the same, the Alps will raise the bar with the all-new route in 2021, so you can enjoy the very best that Graubünden has to offer. You’ll truly see something new every day.

A brand-new route also means getting to know new trails and regions. In 2021, we return to St. Moritz, and before finishing in Davos, we enjoy a first visit to Poschiavo at the end of the second stage. The valley lies in the southern part of the Italian speaking Graubünden region where surprising nature trails lead from the glacier of the Bernina Pass to the Mediterranean “Bella Italia”.

The valley in the Graubünden region of the Swiss Epic

From this mind-bogglingly beautiful valley, you’ll get a free transfer to St. Moritz on Wednesday evening after the second stage, thanks to the all-inclusive package. Speaking of which: If Gian & Giachen have intimidated you, don’t worry. Unlike you, they don’t have the advantage to get to ride, relax, and enjoy.

If this has not yet convinced you, remember: You still have an ace in the hole. With overnight stays in only two host towns (St. Moritz & Davos), you’ll be saving energy for the important things: taming the trails and enjoying the famous Swiss Epic camaraderie in between stages. Who now thinks one couldn’t be better prepared to show the ibexes who is the king of the alps, it gets even better. For the first time ever, we’re introducing the free deferral program. Teams who register for next year’s edition on or before 31 October 2020 are eligible to defer their 2021 race entry to the 2022 Swiss Epic event free of charge. This means that you can let life happen and focus on preparing for your race goals – if anything goes wrong, you can defer your entry until 31 May 2021 no matter what the reason.

Last but not least, becoming a conqueror of the Alps over 5 days with 350km & 12’000m of climbing is something to be earned, so the question is: Do you have what it takes?