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[Absa Cape Epic]

Absa Cape Epic introduces new age group racing categories

By Absa Cape Epic, 06/08/22, 8:45PM HST


2023 Absa Cape Epic will see the introduction of two new age group race categories, Amateurs and Great Grand Masters, in addition to extending leader jerseys to all women’s age group categories.

The Absa Cape Epic is known for pushing professional and amateur teams to their absolute limits. With the level of racing increasing across the board, a deep professional field and heightened competition across the amateur field are showcased yearly at The Race That Measures All.
Two new jerseys and the introduction of the women’s age group categories will debut at the 2023 Absa Cape Epic to acknowledge and celebrate riders who have previously fallen outside the existing age categories.
In keeping with the iconic sculpted trophies awarded to current categories, additional art pieces will be commissioned for the new categories and will be revealed at the much anticipated 2023 route launch in September. 
The Amateur category (19-39)
The Amateur category salutes dedicated riders competing at a top level despite their work commitments. This category will be hotly contested by eligible riders aged 19-39 who are not UCI registered professionals. The GC leaders of the Amateur category will receive the honour of wearing the new white leader jerseys. 
The Great Grand Masters category (60+)
With riders staying active, fitter, and competitive for longer, introducing the Great Grand Master category for riders aged 60 plus was a natural progression. The new grey Great Grand Masters jersey provides extra incentive to keep racing, offering bragging rights of lifting a new trophy to celebrate the winning team’s success.
Recognising Women
The Absa Cape Epic remains committed to elevating women’s mountain biking, with the introduction of women’s age group categories providing equal opportunity for acknowledgement at the event. These categories follow in the footsteps of the iconic women’s orange leader jerseys and will recognise the racing prowess of women across the age group field.  

“The Absa Cape Epic was among the first MTB events to pay out equal prize money to the women’s category, introduce a separate start group and produce a dedicated women’s racing highlights broadcast show,” said Michael Flinn, Managing Director of the Absa Cape Epic. He continues, “while races like the Absa Cape Epic and mountain biking in general see a much higher percentage of male participants, it is important to us to create equal opportunities for female riders and with this not only support equality but also grow women’s cycling.”

For more information about the age group category rules, please click here