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[4Islands MTB Croatia]

The 226ers Products Helping Teams Feed Their Dreams at 4Islands MTB Croatia

By 4Islands MTB Croatia, 04/19/23, 2:00AM HST


How to stay fuelled on the islands of Croatia thanks to 226ers

Live the 4Islands experience to the fullest with 226ERS! These are the products that you will find in the service stations throughout the route: 

RACE DAY-BCAA – A gluten-free energy bar that is suitable for vegans: perfect for training and competitions. Rich in carbohydrates, being made of nuts and pumpkin seeds. Easy to chew, these bars provide energy but do not provoke any insulin spikes. 

You’ll find them in different flavours and featuring different characteristics. Which one will you choose?

•    Dark chocolate: featuring natural powdered cacao, eco-friendly chocolate chips and natural chocolate aroma. In 8:1:1 proportion (Leucine+).
•    Apple & Cinnamon: with eco-friendly dehydrated apple pieces, eco-friendly powdered cinnamon and natural apple aroma. In 8:1:1 proportion (Leucine+).

HIGH ENERGY GEL – 76g Stick: our gels provide 50g of carbohydrates per unit. They are designed to offer prolonged energy release, perfect during exercise. 

During the 4Islands Race you will be able to choose from amongst the following varieties: 

•    Lemon, Banana and Neutral: basic formula with natural aromas.
•    BCAA Orange: basic formula with 1g of BCAA 8:1:1 added.
•    Expresso Coffee: basic formula with 80mg of caffeine added.

HYDRAZERO – Hypotonic drink. We recommend you try our mineral salts drink during the trial. It will help you to replace lost electrolytes and refill your mineral salt reserves. 

Each dose of Hydrazero provides 500mg of sodium, which improves hydration and provides a better balance of body fluids. It is made with stevia, which means that it replaces lost electrolytes, but without adding any calories. 

You’ll find it in two flavours: lemon and tropical flavour. 

226ERS will take part at 4Islands with the objective of providing the healthiest products possible, all of which are gluten-free, free of GMOs and feature no unnecessary additives. We use the finest and highest-quality ingredients in order to ensure that nothing interferes with your digestive system or the absorption of all the nutrients you require to enjoy sports activities and endurance competitions.

View the 226ers range here: