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[4Islands MTB Croatia]

Exploring Europe by bike, one Epic Series race at a time

By 4Islands MTB Croatia, 04/25/23, 3:00AM HST


Marin Deković is set to race the three European Epic Series races in 2023

Three races, 14 days, 860 kilometres, 25 310 metres. Those are the pure statistics that Marin Deković will need to contend with if he is to complete his quest of racing the three European Epic Series races in 2023.

Marin Deković, hails from Croatia and is the Managing Director of Partner d.o.o.. But when business is done, he’s an out and out racer with a mission of overcoming challenges.

While Deković may not be the first to do this, nor will he be the last, the balancing act  between time on the bike and responsibilities at work and home, the peeking of form, and the absurd run of luck that is required to complete three Epic Series Legend events in one year must be appreciated.

Deković is a familiar face at the 4Islands as he’s raced the event four times prior and has notched up a few podiums. This year he raced the event alongside Mario Šubr for Team VISIT KVARNER and we caught up with him on the start line of Stage 4 of the 2023 4Islands as he prepared to race the final 41 kilometres to add his 5th 4Islands finisher medal to his collection. 

Mario and Marin finished the 2023 4Islands 3rd in the Masters category

With four years of 4Islands experience under his belt, Deković was perfectly placed to weigh in on the 2023 event in comparison to the years prior,  “this year’s 4Islands has been the best for me so far. The new routes are great and different to what we have experienced before and that keeps it exciting. The organisation has been amazing and I am expecting this kind of organisation and more in Switzerland. My friend Peter [Vesel] told me all about it and how challenging it is… as I’ve said, we live on challenges.”

One thing Dekovic is certain of is that there’s no place like home, “I have travelled all over the world and Europe and I can, for certain, say that people have never seen rocks like we have here in Croatia. They test you from start to finish and if you, like me, enjoy the challenge, you need to come and do the 4Islands.”

To see if Marin Deković can complete the second event in his Epic Series in one year mission, follow the action of the Andorra Epic in July and then the SPAR Swiss Epic in August.