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Dimension Data Recommit to Bringing FNB Wines2Whales to the World

By Wines2Whales, 10/24/23, 4:00AM HST


Dimension Data a member of NTT DATA, Inc., the 5th largest ICT provider globally, are set to continue their partnership with the Epic Series event, FNB Wines2Whales for an additional three years. The long-term sponsors will resume their role as headline level sponsors, providing the connectivity to showcase the race to the world and keeping riders in contact with their loved ones. 

FNB Wines2Whales and the Epic Series, of global mountain biking events, are proud to announce the continuation of one of the race’s longest standing partnerships – with Dimension Data a leading IT infrastructure and services company. Since 2014 the Epic Series had forged a relationship with the information technology services provider which expanded to include FNB W2W in 2018. Since then, Dimension Data’s internet connectivity has made it possible to showcase the Serious Gees on display in the race as well as for riders to stay in contact with their loved ones at home. Most importantly though Dimension Data and Mediclinic, another of the event’s partners, combined to ensure any medial incident at the race was recorded into Mediclinic’s national data base should the patient require further treatment later. 


Dimension Data are a truly global leader in information technology services, through their status as a member of NTT DATA, Inc., which is the 5th largest ICT provider globally, revenues of $30B+ and more than 190 000 employees worldwide. The holding company boast over 330 000 employees working for 900 related companies. Yet despite this international experience and expertise Africa remains a proving ground for the technology they roll out around the world. 


“The partnership with FNB Wines2Whales allows us to not just showcase our technology to influential potential clients, but also to test our capabilities in the harshest conditions,” said Marc Jessiman - Vice President of Technology Solutions at Dimension Data.  “Mountain bike stage races are not controlled environments where temperatures are perfectly controlled and the elements are safely kept out. Battling wind, rain and extreme heat tests our components, capabilities and personal to the limits, in a way that supplying solutions to Sandton City Centre office seldom can. Our more traditional customers can thus be confident that we are prepared for every eventuality and that their information technology needs will be exceeded by Dimension Data.” 


“It has been a pleasure working with Dimension Data for the last decade, on the Epic Series, and for the past five years on FNB Wines2Whales,” Marc Erasmus, Partnerships Manager of FNB Wines2Whales praised. “Their innovation and can-do attitude have allowed our media teams to share the race and the trails with the world, beaming captivating images and videos to thousands of mountain biking fans in South Africa and abroad. Dimension Data’s race village WiFi is vital to the rider experience too. Their lightning-fast connection allows riders to upload their Stava files, share post-ride stories on Instagram and video call back home. In the mid-week Pinotage event Dimension Data make it possible for the FNB Rider Lounge to become a remote working station of sorts, with beers carefully hidden out sight of Zoom meetings.” 


“Dimension Data and Mediclinic have also combined to great effect,” Erasmus continued. “Mediclinic run the race medical centre, which is a de facto field hospital. If a rider is admitted into Mediclinic care, Dimension Data’s connectivity allows that individual’s treatment and medication to be uploaded onto Mediclinic’s national database. Then, if the rider needs further care post event, there is no risk of a Mediclinic doctor prescribing conflicting medication or being unaware of the patient’s prior treatments, as it is all detailed online.”