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New Official Logistics- and the UCI Women’s Category Partner, Aramex to ‘move’ the race and help empower women’s racing at the Absa Cape Epic

By Absa Cape Epic , 03/21/24, 6:45AM HST


Aramex, the new Official Logistics Partner and the UCI Women’s Category partner are having a storming debut Absa Cape Epic. Aramex came on board only two months before the start of the 2024 Absa Cape Epic but, unlike a rider who could not dream of finishing the Untamed African MTB Race with just two months of prep, the global leaders in comprehensive logistics and transport solutions were ready, and it shows.

“This event allows us to showcase our full capabilities as a full supply chain service provider,” says Noel Ross-Gillespie, E-commerce & Innovation Executive, Aramex South Africa, explaining how, from a logistics standpoint, they handled equipment storage, delivery to various sites, as well as site transportation from point A to point B.

“All these are crucial to the success of the event. We came on board not long before the event, but our delivery dates and planning have been meticulously outlined and executed. We put a full project team on it from day one to ensure we fully understood the intricacies, nuances and small details that could make or break the event.”

Ensuring that all transportation logistics needs and worries are covered by Aramex and the team, to allow the Absa Cape Epic team to focus on delivering this world-class event. “These efforts have clearly paid off, and really is a sum of a full team and business effort and all its moving parts. With Aramex all these parts are moving together beautifully so far, but be assured that our focus remains, to deliver on what we set out to achieve and promised, and in doing so, deliver it at the highest level - all the way to the end of the event and then post-event logistics in closing off a successful 2024 event with the Absa Cape Epic team and our fellow partners and sponsors.

According to Miguel Netto, Aramex Global B2B & Commercial Marketing, we were always confident that the partnership with Aramex and the Absa Cape Epic had great synergies and opportunities, and as we have seen to date, this is clear to see for all involved. We hope that in delivering on the plans set out, we could naturally, align in future discussions towards the greater Epic Series, however, our focus right now remains purely focused on delivering the 2024 event seamlessly. Aramex being a successful global brand, we are always looking to showcase our solutions, services and business in places that it’s needed most and events like this, are the right space for us do just that. It is clear then that Aramex is in this for the long run. This year’s race is very much about laying the groundwork to be able to continue to help the Absa Cape Epic push the boundaries each year to deliver this incredible world-class mountain bike race. We look forward, to what lies ahead for this already prosperous partnership.”

Aramex’s involvement in the Absa Cape Epic goes beyond logistics, however. They have taken on the role as headline sponsor of the UCI Women's Category, a move driven by a commitment to promote gender equality in sports. ”Through our involvement, we want to send a powerful message of inclusion and support. In a sport where women's participation has often taken a back seat and needs to be grown and highlighted, this partnership signifies a broader scope of operations. It’s always something the Absa Cape Epic has taken very seriously and it just makes sense for us to help with that growth. Any support that we can give to build the profile of women's racing is crucial,” says Ryan Jones, Aramex South Africa Marketing Manager.

With their expertise and commitment, Aramex is not just a sponsor, they are true partners in the relentless pursuit of excellence on and off the trails and every rider in the 2024 race will benefit from their involvement. From USWE Rider Bags - which Aramex collected whilst also assisting with accelerated customs clearance after an unprecedented delay, along with providing delivery to the finish venue - to daily start chute drop bags, in which riders can store their jackets during the stage.