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Back to the roots: Cultivating Community, Adventure, and Nature's Care

By Andorra Epic, 04/28/24, 9:30PM HST


Though we may be accustomed to the beauty of our trails, it's crucial not to neglect their upkeep.

Trail Treasures: Preserving Nature's Splendor

Though we may be accustomed to the beauty of our trails, it's crucial not to neglect their upkeep.

In our pursuit of adventure, we often overlook the natural treasures close to home. In Andorra and the Pyrenees, we're privileged to enjoy cycling havens where ancient forests, winding valleys, and massive mountains create an unmatched sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts.

Yet, this sanctuary isn't solely a gift of nature. It's the result of dedicated efforts by local communities to craft an exceptional network of trails.

These trails aren't just cultivated from mountain bikers to mountain bikers; they're open to all who appreciate nature's wonders. It's our responsibility to ensure they remain pristine for future generations.

It's not just about us.

We refuse to be mere spectators. Our commitment extends to becoming active, dedicated protagonists in nurturing and expanding this trail network, fostering prosperity in the regions they traverse, and cultivating unparalleled cycling experiences.

To this end, we as a team collaborate to keep our trails in Andorra as good as we can for hiking lovers, trail runners, mountain bikers. Behind these groups lie passionate individuals who inspire us to champion projects of this nature.

We're not here to simply watch from the sidelines. Our dedication drives us to take an active role in nurturing and growing our trail network, enriching the regions they pass through and at the same time developing and creating exceptional cycling experiences for you.

As a team, we unite to maintain and improve the trails in Andorra, catering to the needs of hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers. It's the passion of individuals within these groups that motivates us to lead and support our commitment to the care of our territory.

An endless goal.

The Andorra Epic team, although small, since its first edition has dedicated its maximum efforts to offering the best possible route to riders from all over the world, even going so far as to design new trails that have offered alternative routes to athletes, families and, ultimately, nature lovers.

On this journey, Andorra Epic has always found the perfect ally in institutions. Thanks to teamwork we continue with our desire to clean, build and improve the trails of our beautiful country. The energy that these trails bring to the community leads us to continue working on it.

An unmatched territory.

Andorra's mountain biking scene is unmatched, with peaks nearing 3,000 meters and trails catering to all levels. Families and thrill-seekers alike can explore our hillsides and valleys, enjoying over 600 kilometers of diverse routes.

Our country offers biking experiences for every enthusiast, from cross-country adventures to specialized tracks. Andorra's natural beauty sets the stage for unforgettable rides, with well-marked routes ensuring a seamless journey.

With top-notch facilities and renowned bike parks like Pal Arinsal, Andorra is a haven for biking enthusiasts. Whether you're exploring open trails or hitting dedicated circuits, there's something for everyone, making Andorra the ultimate destination for mountain biking.

Take care of the trail network

As Gerard Riart, designer of the new route for this year's Andorra Epic, comments: “For me, caring for the trails of our region is not just a job or a responsibility, it's a commitment to the community and to nature itself. Maintaining these paths in good condition not only benefits the athletes who traverse them but also anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in the beauty and solitude of our natural surroundings.”

With the support of volunteers, local companies, and also international businesses like Epic Series "Every stone removed, every branch pruned, is a step towards preserving this space for future generations. It is an honour to contribute to ensuring that everyone can enjoy the majesty of nature in well-maintained and safe terrain" Gerard explains to us.


To finish, as we journey through these cycling paradises close to our homes, let us not only bask in the splendor of nature but also applaud the unwavering efforts of the community. It is their passion and dedication that breathe life into these trails, making them truly special and the perfect playground for future generations that need to know more about the beauty of the outdoors.