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  • Spare link - I keep this taped to my brake cables up front.
  • Keep your spare link taped to the front brake cables, so you'll notice if this falls off.
  • Tape the tube to frame, all bikes will have a safe place to do this. Both riders should have a tube.
  • A tyre lever and CO2 - easy to access and will not rattle loose.
  • A 650b light tube at 210 grams compared to the Schwalbe 29er EVO tube at 76 grams.
  • Tip: take your tubes to a butchery, get them to vacuum seal them.
  • A SahmuraiSword plug (fits into your handlebars) is a great option.
  • Standard SahmuraiSword plug.
  • You can also carry a spare tool set on the bike, there are systems available that attach to bottle cages and other parts of the bike.
  • SahmuraiSword plug with the zip ties taped to the reamer and spare plugs.