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We Care About Our Communities

The FNB Wines2Whales has always proudly supported the communities through which the race passes as well as numerous worthy causes.

FNB Wines2Whales 2021 Raised R145,003

Win with GivenGain

The FNB Wines2Whales has always supported a number of beneficiaries and charities each year and that trend is continuing with an exciting new drive open to any registered charity and or individual linked to our event GivenGain page with a complimentary standard tent entry into the Pinotage event of the 2023 FNB W2W.

The Charity which raises the most money through a linked Givengain FNB W2W event page will win a standard tent entry to the 2023 FNB Wines2Whales Pinotage event.

The individual who raises the most money through a linked Givengain FNB W2W event page will win a standard tent entry to the 2023 FNB Wines2Whales Pinotage event

Terms and Conditions

  • End date for fundraising is 10 November 2022
  • Any registered charity is eligible to participate as long as they have a linked Givengain page
  • Only funds raised and reflecting on the Givengain platform will be considered
  • In order to be eligible for prize, a minimum amount of fundraising required: R11 400 – (the cost of a Ride Only entry for the 2021 event)

Fundraise with GivenGain

Show your support by raising funds while you train for and ride the 2022 FNB Wines2Whales. You can create your team’s own fundraising project if you’d like to support a separate charity of your choosing. Share your cause on social media and rally your friends and family to support your cause.

How to fundraise as an individual:

  1. Visit the 2022 FNB Wines2Whales GivenGain fundraising page;
  2. Click on “Start Fundraising”;
  3. Select an existing charity or search for another fundraising project you wish to support. If your charity is not listed on GivenGain, get in touch with GivenGain at for assistance, or have the charity apply for a free charity account on GivenGain.

Click below for a step-by-step guide on how to setup your fundraising project

How to register your charity with GivenGain

Registering a charity with Givengain is a simple process; by being present on the platform, your charity stands to benefit from the charity drive efforts of the incredible FNB Wines2Whales riders.

A step-by-step guide:

  1. Apply for a free GivenGain charity account here: or  email Jannie Smith (Regional Manager for GivenGain) at
  2. Once your application has been verified and approved, you’ll be able to set up your charity profile, be visible on the GivenGain platform, and receive donations from your supporters.
  3. Once your charity profile is activated and visible online, simply send a request to to have your charity profile and campaign added to the GivenGain event page (see below)
  4. The FNB Wines2Whales 2022 event event page can be found at this link: