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Close up to a coffee menu [FNB Wines2Whales]

But first… coffee

By FNB Wines2Whales, 11/06/21, 10:15AM HST


Feeding and providing the caffeine fix for +-1 000 riders is no small feat

Coffee Menu

Feeding and providing the caffeine fix for +-1 000 riders is no small feat. Yet Woolworths has it down to an art at the FNB Wines2Whales, as they provide breakfasts and lunches, as well as the ingredients for dinners to all the hungry cyclists. Not to mention the life-saving work done by the Woolies Coffee Stall.

A dark photo

The first port of call for any old hand of multiple FNB Wines2Whales events, upon arriving at the Curro School in Hermanus, was the Woolworths Coffee Stall. Not only to get a caffeine fix to cure the early wake-up call they had to endure, to be at the start on time, but also, to get an armband to see them through the week ahead.


Once outfitted with a coffee band, which entitles the wearer to 9 coffees of their choice as well as a complimentary 10th, there’s nothing the Switchback route can throw at them that they’re not ready to handle. Rotary Drive within the first 5km… double espresso before the start. Late afternoon energy slump after a couple of glasses of Oak Valley’s finest wines… a stiff americano. Supporting a team and have half an hour to kill before heading off to a Wildekrans… a smooth cappuccino (as long as it’s before 11am of course).

Three guys pouring coffee

Coffee is not the only way Woolworths keep the FNB Wines2Whales races moving. The luxury retailer also provides breakfasts. With warm oats and a selection of fruits having been the most popular option ahead of Stage 1 of the Chardonnay event. After each stage the teams are then treated to a delicious Woolworths recovery meal, which kicks off the famous FNB W2W post-stage relaxation process.

Then in the evenings the event’s caterers use the finest Woolies ingredients to create an array of hearty, healthy and, above all, scrumptious dinners throughout the event. In fact, many a rider may quietly be cursing the route team for marking the course so well, as there are simply not enough opportunities to burn off all the calories one could consume in the race village, thanks to Woolworths’ generous portions.

Though maybe a big plate at dinner is the excuse required to return for a second loop of the Rietvlei Magic or Kromco Play Park on Stage 2?