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The Absa Cape Epic is proud to have a formal charity engagement program in place to ensure that, in addition to economic and tourism growth realised in the communities/areas visited by the race each year, the event and its partners are also able to leave a lasting legacy and enrich the lives of the people living within them. 

Riders are encouraged to make their ride even more meaningful by fundraising among their friends and family for a cause they feel strongly about. Great prizes are up for grabs for the team that raises the most funds! 

Registering your fundraising project is quick, secure and fun! 

You can fundraise for one of our official charities (see information below) or a charity of your choice, click on the "Fundraise" button and follow the steps to register your project. 

If you need step-by-step instructions to help you set up your project you can download the PDF guide here.  If you have a question regarding fundraising via the GivenGain platform, please contact them at

View the fundraising leaderboard here.

Anna Foundation


The Anna Foundation is a charitable organisation focused on uplifting and empowering rural communities across the Western Cape.  Our flagship 3Rs programme – Reading, Running and Right-ing – is implemented at after-school centres in rural communities, serving over 700 children. The programme incorporates education, sports and life skills activities and aims to offer children lifelong learning and build positive self-worth and self-respect. This professionally designed programme is aimed at learners from aged 5 - 18 years and is taught by women from the farming communities themselves, who are trained by the Anna Foundation as part of our Women Empowerment programme.

In the last few years, mountain biking has played an increasing role in our sporting programme and has crept in as a fourth ‘R’ = Riding, taking pride of place within our weekly sports schedule. Facilitators provide regular coaching sessions, using community pump tracks and open spaces to focus on upskilling in the saddle.  

The aim of the Anna Foundation is that each child supported by the Foundation, and every woman trained through our interventions, will develop a positive self-belief and future vision. In this way we are able to uplift and inspire many communities in rural areas of South Africa.

Contact Rebecca van der Spuy or find out more about Anna Foundation

Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA)


Who knew that by riding the Absa Cape Epic, you having ‘#Feel Good Fun’ as well as assisting CANSA with vital funds to fight cancer? Our mission is to spread awareness about the dangers and risks surrounding cancer and bringing screening services to those that need it most.  CANSA is so excited to be an official partner for this event as it provides a super platform for CANSA to promote the CANSA Active programme.  CANSA believes in being active and healthy including staying safe in the sun.  We give back to local communities, by providing information, care and support to cancer Survivors (patients), caregivers and loved ones, who might not have been in a position to receive support otherwise.  The funds raised through go towards CANSA's service delivery, specifically our care and support programmes which include counselling, support groups, medical equipment hire, wigs, prostheses, stoma products, and accommodation if patients are living far from treatment centres at our CANSA Care Homes. CANSA believes that a balanced lifestyle is key to lowering your cancer risk and raises awareness on how to reduce cancer risk through health campaigns and educates about the importance of knowing the symptoms of cancer, as well as going for regular screening and health checks

#FeelGoodFun #CANSAActive #LowerCancerRisk

Contact Johann Klindt or find out more about Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA)

Cape Leopard Trust


The Cape Leopard Trust (CLT; Est. 2004) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, public benefit organisation based in the Western Cape, South Africa. We facilitate and promote the conservation of biological diversity, with a focus on the leopard as a flagship species. Our purpose and vision is to ensure the continued survival of leopards for the benefit of nature and society, by supporting the protection of leopard habitat and prey species, promoting peaceful coexistence between leopards and people, and fostering community custodianship of the Cape's unique biodiversity.

Contact Helen Turnbull or find out more about Cape Leopard Trust.  

Crisis Response Network


Crisis Response Network (CRN) NPC is a non-governmental, non-profit company and public benefit organisation based in the Western Cape, South Africa with a local and international footprint. As we are constantly confronted with news of turmoil, disaster, loss of livelihood, and communities going through crisis, we are compelled by the immense need that people face during crisis to prepare, respond, and restore communities. We do this by coordinating a network of partners for a strategic, compassionate, and sustainable response to crisis.

CRN is not a first responder humanitarian organisation. We are all about networking with grassroot partners for a demand-driven and contextualised response before, during, and after a crisis. Now partnering with the ABSA Cape Epic, we invite YOU to partner with us to reach communities in need. 

We believe that being better prepared, having adequate support during a crisis, and giving ownership of the recovery process to grassroot partners will result in more resilient and engaged communities. We help restore communities by taking part in projects that offer resources such as humanitarian aid, emotional and psychosocial support, agricultural support, and disaster and risk management training. Past projects include a campaign against child marriage, domestic violence prevention, and sport initiatives. Our projects are as unique as the communities we work with. 

The funds raised through your investments will ensure that CRN’s partners can prepare, respond to, and restore people in times of crisis. 

#readinessresponserestoration #crisisresponsenetwork #absacapeepiccharity

Contact Yolande Korkie or Joy Hughes find out more about Crisis Response Network and the various projects




Join our ‘along-the-route screening program’, give your race a compelling why, and make a real, measurable difference. Do Good – Look Good – Feel Good. ILoveBoobies’ primary mission is to provide free breast examinations (screening & diagnosis) to South African women who are unable to access such medical services due to financial, locational, or social challenges.

Since its inception, in 2017, the ILoveBoobies programs have positively impacted many people’s lives. ILoveBoobies has screened almost six thousand women from disadvantaged communities and has completed a comprehensive Breast Cancer and Breast Health educational and awareness-building campaign that has reached over 15 million people in South Africa. ILoveBoobies has a global presence and is represented in 10 countries by 285 Volunteer Brand Ambassadors.

The survival rate of breast cancer in South Africa is just 40%. We believe that the best way to make a difference is to care for the mothers and grandmothers in the rural areas - If they are healthy, the kids get the best chance of a bright future. The funds raised from the Absa Cape Epic event are deployed into the very communities that the route travels through.

Nicky Webb |

IRONMAN Foundation/IRONMAN4theKidz


We at the IRONMAN Foundation, in partnership with IRONMAN4theKidz South Africa race to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.  To donate directly to IRONMAN Foundation, click here.

For more information about IRONMAN Foundation please contact Sarah Hartmann and for IRONMAN 4 the Kidz Charity South Africa please contact Julia Banach

Khula Development Group


Khula Development Group is a Non-Profit Organisation, registered in 2004 and is active in 9 primary schools in and around Paarl and Stellenbosch, South Africa. Our mission is to strengthen the value of education with a focus on school attendance for vulnerable children at risk of school disengagement.

A vast number of children from disadvantaged communities drop out of school due to numerous socio-economic factors including; abuse, hunger, a lack of physical capabilities etc. In addressing these issues, we run three programmes to keep primary school learners in school and empower teachers to identify the early signs of dropout. Help us promote attendance and build futures!

For more information visit Through love and education, we can make a difference.

Bianca | 021 871 1511 | +27 73 176 5086.

Laureus - Sport for Good Foundation


Laureus’ core concept is simple, brilliant and daunting: to create global awards that recognise the achievements of today’s sporting heroes; to bring sportspeople together; united in achievement but divided by sporting code. Once that community is brought together, putting to work their reach and the support and investment of Laureus’ Founding Patrons and Partners, it creates a powerful message that can help social projects around the world who use sport as a tool for social change. That message, simply, is Laureus Sport for Good.

Contact Nikki Ferreira or find out more about Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.  You can also donate to the BackaBuddy campaign. 

Pedal Project


Pedal Project, a registered NPO founded in 2020, is dedicated to positively impacting at-risk youth through our transformative program, PedalForGood. We priortise community-based mental health services, offering Trail Therapy that combines mountain biking, mentorship, and mindfulness. We also collaborate with our partners to provide beneficiaries with invaluable nutrition and environmental education programmes.

Our goal is to empower young individuals, equip them with resilience and strength to conquer daily challenges, and help them become the absolute best version of themselves. Now is the time to join us, reach out, and make a difference in the lives of these incredible young people.

Jaco van der Linde | | 0611556677

#ConquerAllMountains #JourneyToTriumph #RidingToResilience #TrailTherapy #PedalForGood

Qhubeka Charity


Qhubeka moves people forward with bicycles. People earn bicycles through our programmes, improving access to schools, clinics and jobs. 

Qhubeka is an Nguni word that means “to progress”, “to move forward”. Bicycles help people move forward. With a bicycle, a person can travel faster and further, and carry more.

Contact Lise Olivier or find out more about Qhubeka and click here to donate directly to the foundation.